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Formative Assessment (FAST)

Purchase of an annual SANDI subscription also includes the Formative Assessment of Standards Tasks (FAST). Whether or not you choose to use FAST along with your SANDI subscription is entirely up to you. It is not required for use with the SANDI, but can be very useful depending on the needs of your program.

What is FAST? It is a short-cycle assessment that informs instruction by giving immediate feedback on student performance in specific standards and skill areas. The FAST is administered multiple times to all students throughout the school year as a benchmark that targets essential standards identified through district expectations.

Additional Benefits of FAST:

  • Formative, short-cycle assessment
  • Assesses six essential New State Standards at three levels
  • Levels determined by SANDI data analysis:
  • - Four performance items for each standard
  • - Levels increase in difficulty from 1 to 4
  • Each item tests the standard skill area
  • Items have built-in accommodations
  • Emphasis on access to informational text

The FAST tasks are aligned to three levels of difficulty based on the SANDI scores. Each student is assessed twice a year (Benchmark 1 and Benchmark 2) on the same skill but with a different task to measure growth on that skill.

There are four tasks per standard, each becoming incrementally more rigorous:

1. The New State Standard the task is aligned to is identified in the first line.

2. Prompts and prompt levels are built into each task. Most items require support materials, which are available in the FAST menu under “FAST Materials.” Each level assesses the same task but with appropriate degrees of difficulty.

3. The desired response for proficiency is outlined.

4. The rubric for each task is outlined in the scores. As in the SANDI, the scores range from 0 for no response to 4 for proficiency. Click on the scores to indicate them.

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