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ensuring product safety
How do we make sure our products are safe?

Dear Customers,

At Lakeshore, children’s safety is our highest priority—and we know it’s the top concern of our customers, too. That’s why we want to provide you with detailed information about Lakeshore’s testing and certification process…and share with you the rigorous steps we take to ensure our products are safe.

In the 64 years that we’ve been in business, Lakeshore has always been a huge step ahead when it comes to safety. Not only are we in full compliance with all the current U.S. safety regulations, we also have our own in-house Quality Assurance Team that tests and inspects every item we carry with even more rigorous standards than those required by law. Every item we sell must meet or exceed all the government safety requirements, or we don’t carry it—period.

For us, safety begins at the moment a product idea is conceived and put into development. First, we ensure that all the materials that go into each new product are safe. The materials must be phthalate-compliant (phthalates are sometimes found in PVC and other plastics), as well as BPA-compliant (BPA, or bisphenol A, is sometimes found in clear, hard plastics). The materials must also pass strict standards for lead content.

Once we confirm that the materials we’re using are safe, we conduct exhaustive “use and abuse” testing to make sure each product will remain safe through years of everyday use. And, after a product passes our rigorous testing, it is then tested and certified by a third-party testing laboratory. Finally, we continue to monitor the safety of our products through periodic testing, both internally and by third-party labs, to ensure that our suppliers maintain the high level of integrity we demand of our materials.

For Lakeshore, children’s safety always comes first. You can rest assured that the products we sell are safe and that we are doing everything we can to provide our customers with superior-quality products that they can trust with their children.


Bo Kaplan
President & CEO
Lakeshore Learning Materials

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