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Watermelon Craft & Seed Count
Watermelon Craft & Seed Count
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Watermelon Craft & Seed Count

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Celebrate National Picnic Month by making a colorful watermelon!

This activity is appropriate for:
preschool - 2nd grade / 3 - 7 years

You will need:

Before you begin:

Cut each paper plate in half. You will need one half for each child. Then cut the green and red paper into one-inch squares.


  1. Have students observe as you slice open a real watermelon (with seeds). Point out that the rind of the watermelon is green and the flesh is bright red or pink. Then take out some seeds and allow students to see and touch them.
  2. Tell students that they are going to make their own watermelon craft in honor of National Picnic Month.
  3. Give each student one half of a paper plate and a handful of green and red paper squares.
  4. Have students glue overlapping green squares along the outer rim of the plate. Then have students glue overlapping red squares to cover the rest of the plate. When they’re done, the plate should look like a slice of red watermelon with a green rind.
  5. Give students an opportunity to taste a slice of the real watermelon. As students are eating, instruct them to remove the seeds and set them aside. Wash and dry the seeds thoroughly.
  6. Invite students to glue the seeds onto their watermelon craft!

Math Extension

Write the numbers 1–20 on slips of paper and place them in an envelope. Before students glue the seeds onto their watermelons, have each student draw a piece of paper from the envelope. Invite students to take the corresponding number of watermelon seeds and glue them onto their watermelons. Then invite students to help you arrange their watermelons in order on a bulletin-board display! (Adjust the numbers you use to correspond to the number of students in your class.)

For a greater challenge, prompt students to draw two numbers out of the envelope. Encourage students to add the numbers together to find the sum. Then have students glue that number of seeds onto their watermelon craft!

Language Extension

After students taste the real watermelon, invite them to brainstorm words that describe how the watermelon tastes, looks, feels and smells. Write these words on a word wall. Hang students’ crafts around the word wall to complete the display!

For a greater challenge, take the activity a step further and invite students to use the descriptive words in a paragraph about watermelons!

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