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Sparkling Jellyfish
Sparkling Jellyfish
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Sparkling Jellyfish

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Decorate your room with these fascinating sea creatures—in honor of National Week of the Ocean (April 3–9, 2011)!

This activity is appropriate for:
preschool - 3rd grade / 3 - 8 years

You will need:


  1. Cover the work surface with old newspaper or butcher paper.
  2. Give each student a paper bowl. Have students turn the bowls upside down and paint the outside of the bowls any color they desire. Allow paint to dry thoroughly.
  3. Encourage students to decorate the outside of their bowls with glitter paint, acrylic gemstones and glitter shapes.
  4. Give each student six to eight strands of ribbon. Help students tape one end of each ribbon to the inside bottom of their bowls so that the ribbons hang down to create jellyfish tentacles!
  5. Use scissors to poke two small holes through the center of each bowl. Attach fishing line or string to hang the completed jellyfish from your classroom ceiling.


Add to the fun by teaching younger students (preschool–first grade) this jellyfish song! (Sing the lyrics to the tune of “Yankee Doodle.” Click here to listen to a recording of the song.) Invite students to sing along as you hang the completed jellyfish from the ceiling.

Challenge older students (second–third grade) to find fascinating facts about jellyfish. Provide students with books to use as resources, such as Jellies by Twig C. George, Jellyfish by Lloyd G. Douglas and Floating Jellyfish by Kathleen Martin-James. Then give each student an index card and prompt students to write down one fact on both sides of the card. Have students attach their cards to the tentacles on their jellyfish—so your classroom becomes a sea of jellyfish trivia!

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