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Native American Rattles
Native American Rattles
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Native American Rattles

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These fun-to-make instruments get students excited to learn about Native American culture!

This activity is appropriate for:
pre-k - 2nd grade / 4 - 7 years

You will need:


  1. Reproduce the circles template and rattle design template onto construction paper. Provide each student with two circles, a design template and a paper towel tube.
  2. Have students cut out the two circles. Instruct them to tape a circle to one end of their tube.
  3. Encourage students to color the design template any way they like. Then help them wrap the template around the tube and secure it with tape.
  4. Provide students with a variety of dried beans and encourage them to add as many or as few of each kind as they want to their tube. Point out that different combinations of beans will make different sounds, so no two rattles will sound exactly alike.
  5. Once students like the sound their rattle makes, have them attach the second circle to the open end of the tube and secure it with tape to keep the beans inside.
  6. If desired, have students add beads, string and feathers to further embellish the outside of their Native American instrument!
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