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Handprint Heart Frame Photos
Handprint Heart Frame Photos
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Handprint Heart Frame Photos

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This precious Valentine’s Day gift is the perfect way for little hands to make a big statement of love!

This activity is appropriate for:
preschool - 1st grade / 3 - 6 years

You will need:

Before you begin:

  1. Take a headshot photo of each student in your class and print out the photos into 4" x 6" prints. (You may want to take the photos from a distance so you can crop the printouts to fit into the picture frame in this activity. The cropped photo should be about 2 ½" x 2 ½".)
  2. Set up a painting station at a table to accommodate three or four students at a time.
  3. Cover the table with newspaper or butcher paper.
  4. Pour a shallow layer of red paint into one paper plate or pie tin and violet paint into another.
  5. Photocopy the Valentine poem for each student.


  1. Give each student a sheet of white or pink construction paper. Explain to students that they will use their hands to make a heart! Model how to make a heart with your hands by bending your thumbs and pointer fingers together into a heart shape.
  2. Invite three to four students at a time to come to the painting station. One at a time, have students place a hand into the red paint and then press it onto the construction paper to make a handprint. (Remind students to point their thumbs out and keep their other fingers together when making the handprints.)
  3. Have students repeat the process with their other hand and the violet paint. Help students position the second handprint next to the first one to form a heart-shaped empty space between the thumbs and pointer fingers of each hand.
  4. Once they have made their handprints, instruct students to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water while they allow their handprints to dry.
  5. After the paint has dried, help students cut out the empty heart shape from the center of the handprints.
  6. Have students choose a foam sheet color and glue the handprint page to this foam background. Instruct students to place their headshot photos in the center of the handprints to create a heart-shaped frame around their picture! Then help students cut out the foam background in a heart shape, around the paper heart.
  7. Have each student cut out and glue a copy of the Valentine poem on the back of the foam heart.
  8. Encourage students to sign their name on the blank line below the poem (or write it for them). Invite students to give their homemade valentine to a cherished family member for Valentine’s Day!
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