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Craft Ideas & Activities

Gumdrop Graphing

This activity is appropriate for:
pre-k - 2nd grade / 4 - 7 years

What better way to practice essential math skills, while celebrating the flavors of the holiday season, than to conduct a graphing activity…with gumdrops!

Begin by purchasing several bags of gumdrops from your local supermarket or drugstore. Divide the bags into individual cups of about 15–20 gumdrops each. (You will need one cup of gumdrops for each student in your class, or one cup for every two students if you have them work in pairs.) Download the Gumdrop Graphing chart and make a copy for each student or pair of students. Have students write the names of the gumdrop colors across the bottom of the chart. Give students the cups of gumdrops and have them place their gumdrops in vertical columns by color to fill in the graph on the sheet.

Next, guide students in answering questions about their graphs. For example, you might ask:
  • What is the total number of gumdrops on your graph?
  • Do you have more black gumdrops or more red gumdrops?
  • Which column has the least number of gumdrops? The most?
  • Are any of the columns the same height? If so, which ones? And what does this mean?
  • How many more/fewer yellow gumdrops are there than green gumdrops?
Once you have used the graphs to make mathematical comparisons, invite students to eat the gumdrops as a special holiday treat!

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