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Craft Ideas & Activities

Classroom Map Hunt

This activity is appropriate for:
1st - 3rd grade / 6 - 8 years

The sooner students feel comfortable in the classroom, the sooner they can take advantage of all your great classroom resources. Help familiarize students with their new classroom through this fun map hunt.

Draw a map of your classroom. Don’t worry about your artistic ability, just make sure to include all the important classroom features, centers, and furniture you want your students to be familiar with. Your map will probably include things like a listening center, library, student tables, teacher’s desk, math center, sink, door, student cubbies, pencil sharpener, turn-in-your-work area, and so on. Consider using grid paper—it makes it easier to get the size relationships right.

At the bottom of your map, include a list of directions. The directions should direct students toward the classroom features. Your list of directions might be something like this:

  1. Go to the place where you would listen to a book.
  2. Go to the place where you would pick up your mail.
  3. Find the place where you would turn in your assignment.
  4. Find the place where you would sharpen your pencil.
  5. Find your seat.
  6. Go to the place where you would find a book to read.
  7. Go to the place where you could wash your hands.
Before you give each student a copy of your map, provide a tour of the classroom. Point out everything on the map, and explain (if necessary) why these features are important to their classroom experience. Then, pass a map out to each student. Give students 15-20 minutes (depending on the length of your list) to find all the places on the list. When they find a place, they should put an x next to it on the list. When the time is up, go through the list with the entire class.

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