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Craft Ideas & Activities

Beanbag Blend Game

This activity is appropriate for:
kindergarten - 2nd grade / 5 - 7 years

Reinforce beginning sound blends and digraphs with a fun-to-play reading activity! Use a marker to label the outside of six large plastic cups with a different blend or digraph (e.g., bl–, cl–, pr–, sh–, cr–, tw–, or any other combination you would like your students to practice). Then tape the cups securely to the floor or onto the surface of a table.

Next, divide the class into two teams. One player at a time, the teams take turns tossing a beanbag into the cups. When the beanbag lands in a cup, the player supplies a word with the same beginning blend or digraph. For example, if the beanbag lands in the “cl” cup, he might supply the word “clock” or “clip.” His team then has one minute to continue to come up with as many words as they can think of that begin with this blend. As they call out words, write them on chart paper or on the blackboard. Continue playing until each team has a chance to supply words for three blends. At the end of the game, have students read each word as you point to it on the chart or board.

For additional practice, mix it up by writing these variations on the cups:
  • Ending blends or digraphs (e.g., –ck, –lt, –ch, and so on)
  • Word families (e.g., –ow, –ate, –ug, and so on)
  • Vowel sounds (e.g., “short a,” “long o,” “short e,” “long u,” and so on)

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