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Apple Print Pencil Case
Apple Print Pencil Case
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Apple Print Pencil Case

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These personalized pencil cases provide cute and clever organization for back-to-school supplies!

This activity is appropriate for:
kindergarten - 2nd grade / 5 - 7 years

You will need:

Before you begin:

  1. Set up a painting table/station in your classroom for 4–5 students to work at a time. Cover the work area with newspaper or butcher paper to protect the surface.
  2. Set out some painting bowls and any decorative collage materials. Squeeze a shallow layer of red, green or yellow paint into each bowl.


  1. Invite a few students at a time to join you at the project table. (An adult volunteer can help if desired.)
  2. Give each student a pencil case. Instruct students to take one of the apple halves and press it into one of the paint bowls.
  3. Show students how to make an apple print by pressing their paint-covered apple half onto the left-hand side of their pencil case.
  4. Encourage students to use the Sponge Painters to stamp the letters of their name (or their initials) next to their apple prints on the pencil case. (If you prefer, students can write their names with the Glitter Glue Painters.)
  5. Allow the paint to dry completely. Invite students to keep their new pencil cases in their desks or backpacks to store supplies.
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