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3-D Mother’s Day Card
3-D Mother’s Day Card
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3-D Mother’s Day Card

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Students will love presenting their moms with these personalized Mother’s Day cards!

This activity is appropriate for:
preschool - 4th grade / 3 - 9 years

You will need:

Before you begin:

  1. About a week before starting this activity, take individual photos of each student in your class. Have children stand and pretend to hold a bouquet of flowers. They should form a fist with one hand and pose with this hand stretched out in front of them. Develop the pictures into 4" x 6" prints for each child.
  2. Cut one 4.5" x 6.5" rectangle from the tagboard for each student.
  3. Photocopy the Mother’s Day poem for each student. (You may want to precut the poems for younger students.)


  1. Give each student one green pipe stem and five red pipe stems. Explain that students will be making cards with “flowers” for Mother’s Day. (Younger students may need assistance to complete steps 2–6.)
  2. Have students bundle the red pipe stems together and fold the green pipe stem in half around the middle of the bundle. Show them how to twist the two ends of the green pipe stem tightly together to form the flower’s stem.
  3. Instruct students to spread out the ends of the red pipe stems, positioning the stems like petals around a flower. Show them how to wrap the ends one at a time around a pencil, curling the ends down in circles toward the green pipe stem. (Each curled red stem should look like a snail’s shell.) This will create the flower blossom! Have students set their flowers aside.
  4. Have students mount their photos onto the tagboard rectangles with glue or tape.
  5. Ask students to cut two small slits through their tagboard-backed photos, at the top and bottom of the child’s outstretched fist. Show students how to weave their flower stems through the top slit in the photo (at the top of the child’s fist), sliding the stem down and through the bottom slit. (The child’s fist should remain visible, with the stem woven through behind it.) The child is now “holding” the flower!
  6. Give each student a copy of the Mother’s Day poem to cut out and glue to the back of the cards.
  7. Invite children to sign their names on the line beneath the poem and give these special cards to their moms!
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