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Lesson Plans
Reading Strategies: Asking Questions
3rd–5th Grade
Objectives Objectives

Reading Informational Text
  • Asking and answering questions to demonstrate understanding of a text, referring to the text as the basis for the answers
  • Referring to details and examples in a text when explaining what the text says and when drawing inferences from it
Materials Materials Needed
Introduction Introduction

Tell students that good readers ask questions as they read. Explain that this helps readers interact with the text and process new information—so they understand what they are reading. Students can practice using this strategy to become better readers!



  1. Give each student a copy of the “Shooting to Win” reading passage and the “Ask Questions” graphic organizer. You may want to display the graphic organizer on a projector or document camera so that students can follow along as you complete it.
  2. Ask students to scan the title, section headings and picture in the reading passage. Invite them to share any questions that come to mind. As students share their thoughts aloud, write them down on the “Before Reading” section of the graphic organizer.
  3. Have volunteers take turns reading the first three paragraphs of the passage aloud. As they read, stop periodically and invite students to share any questions that they have. Record these questions in the “During Reading” section of the graphic organizer.
  4. Prompt students to continue reading the passage on their own and record questions that come to mind as they read.
  5. After students have finished reading the passage, encourage them to go back and write down any answers that were revealed in the passage. Discuss any questions that the passage did not answer and write them in the “After Reading” section of the organizer. Encourage students to brainstorm ideas about where they might look to find answers to those questions (e.g., the library or Internet).
Independent Practice Independent Practice

  1. Challenge students to apply the strategy of asking questions to another class text or a book they are reading for pleasure.
  2. Provide each student with another copy of the graphic organizer and have students fill it out as they read.

View the 3rd–5th Grade lesson plan. (Includes all printable materials.)
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