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Lesson Plans
Peppermint Parts: A Fraction Lesson
1st–2nd Grade


Students will explore beginning fractions by dividing a whole into two equal parts, three equal parts and four equal parts.

Materials Materials Needed

Print out a copy of the Peppermint Stick Fraction Bars reproducible onto white construction paper (or printer paper) for each student.

Introduction Introduction

Ask the class to think about ways to divide an object into two equal parts, or halves. As you read aloud Sheila Rae’s Peppermint Stick by Kevin Henkes, prompt students to listen for the solution that Sheila Rae uses to solve her problem.

Procedure Procedure

  1. Give each student a copy of the Peppermint Stick Fraction Bars reproducible and a sheet of red construction paper. Invite students to color the stripes on each stick red.
  2. Prompt students to cut out the first stick and glue it onto the construction paper. Have them use the black markers or crayons to write “Whole = 1” beneath the stick.
  3. Have students cut out the second stick. Ask them to think about how they could divide the stick into two equal parts. Encourage them to share their strategies. (For example, they could measure it or fold it in half.)
  4. Instruct students to cut their sticks in half using whichever method they’d like. Then have them glue the two pieces beneath the whole stick. Have them write “Half = 1/2” beneath the pieces. As students work, be sure to reinforce that “one half” means “one of two equal parts.”
Independent Practice Independent Practice

  1. Tell students you would like them to continue this activity with the remaining two peppermint sticks. Instruct them to divide the third stick into three equal parts and the fourth stick into four equal parts. (There are dotted lines on the third and fourth sticks to help students divide them into equal parts.)
  2. Have students glue the pieces onto their papers.
  3. Prompt students to write “Third = 1/3” below the pieces of the third stick and “Fourth = 1/4” below the pieces of the fourth stick.

Optional: Give each student a real peppermint stick to enjoy as a treat during or after the lesson!

View the 1st–2nd grade lesson plan. (Includes all printable materials.)
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