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Lesson Plans
Creating Our Classroom Community
3rd–5th Grade
Objectives Objectives
  • Understanding and appreciating the definitions of respect, peace and community, and giving examples of each concept in the classroom environment
  • Creating classroom rules that emphasize respect for all classmates
  • Working together in small groups to demonstrate and reinforce classroom rules
  • Describing people, places, things and events with relevant details, expressing ideas and feelings clearly
Materials Materials Needed
  • Chart paper
  • Marker
  • Slips of paper

Write the following definitions on chart paper and display them in the front of the classroom.
      Respect: regard or consideration
      Peace: a state of mutual harmony between people or groups
      Community: a group of people living or working in close association with one another

Introduction Introduction

Point to the chart paper and ask students to explain each definition in their own words. Then invite other students to share examples of each word in action (e.g., someone showing respect for someone else, peace between different kinds of people, a sense of community in their neighborhood).

Procedure Procedure

  1. Explain to students that you would like the classroom to be a respectful and peaceful community.
  2. Invite students to help you think of classroom actions that show peace and respect. List these actions on chart paper as students brainstorm.
  3. After sharing ideas for 5–10 minutes, read the list together. Ask students to think of classroom rules and guidelines that support respectful and peaceful behavior. (Listening quietly while someone is talking, raising hands to ask permission to speak, waiting in line instead of pushing, and not hitting anyone are examples.)
  4. Keep this activity simple by agreeing on 6–8 classroom rules that students can easily follow. Write and number these rules on the chart paper for students to learn.

Guided Practice Guided Practice

  1. After establishing classroom rules, let students have a little fun with them by engaging in a creative reinforcing activity.
  2. Divide the class into small groups of 4–5 students.
  3. Write the number of each rule on a slip of paper and give one slip to each group.
  4. Have each group look at the classroom rule that corresponds to the number on their paper.
  5. Encourage each group to create and act out a humorous skit about breaking their classroom rule. Allow students 10–12 minutes to practice their skits before performing.
  6. Have each group perform their skit for the rest of the class. Invite other classmates to guess which rule is being broken.
  7. Conclude the lesson by reviewing the classroom rules students helped create. Permanently post these rules in your classroom.

View the 3rd–5th Grade lesson plan. (Includes all printable materials.)
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