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Lesson Plans
Get to 10: Equation Fun
1st–2nd Grade
Objectives Objectives
  • Students will express the same number multiple ways.
  • Students will solve simple addition and subtraction problems.
Materials Materials Needed
Procedure Procedure

  1. Write on the board, “How many ways can we make 8?”
  2. Then ask eight student volunteers to come up to the front of the room. Have the students stand in groups to represent expressions that equal eight. For example, have one student stand away from the other seven to show 1 + 7. Then have the students divide into two equal groups to show 4 + 4.
  3. Invite the class to call out different expressions for the student volunteers to represent. Write each new expression on the board.
  4. Tell students, “We can also find subtraction expressions that equal eight. If we had 10 student volunteers, we could show 10 ? 2.”
  5. Invite students to think of other subtraction expressions that equal eight. Then add those to the list on the board.

Guided Practice Guided Practice
  1. Print and cut apart the number cards and equation strips. Place the number cards along the top row of a pocket chart.
  2. Divide the class into groups of five or six.
  3. Mix up the equation strips and distribute them among the groups. Instruct students to place their strips under the correct numbers on the pocket chart.
  4. After all groups have placed their strips, point out that the pocket chart now shows five different ways to make each number.
Independent Practice Independent Practice

  1. Give each student a copy of the “Get to 10!” activity sheet and the number tiles reproducible.
  2. Have students cut apart the tiles and place them facedown or put them in a paper lunch bag. Explain that students will be using the number tiles to build four different equations that equal 10.
  3. Instruct students to draw one tile at a time and place it in a blank space on the activity sheet. If students draw a tile they cannot use in one of the equations, have them place the tile in a discard space at the bottom of the page.
  4. Challenge students to build all four equations before they fill up the discard spaces!

View the 1st–2nd Grade lesson plan. (Includes all printable materials.)
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