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Lesson Plans
Winter Bear Warm-Up
Objective Objectives

Reading: Foundational Skills
  • Demonstrating understanding of the organization and basic features of print
  • Following words from left to right, top to bottom, and page by page
  • Spelling simple words phonetically
Materials Materials Needed
Introduction Introduction

Before you begin, print the downloadable Winter Clothing Word Cards. Ask students to think of clothing that people wear when it’s cold in winter. Tell them you are going to show them pictures of winter clothing, and you would like them to name the item in each picture. As volunteers name the items, point to the written word on the card and repeat it. Then place the word card in a pocket chart or attach it to a bulletin board for reference.



  1. Teach children the “Winter Clothing Song,” encouraging them to fill in the blanks with a winter clothing word. Use a different word card each time they sing the song (e.g., hat, scarf, mittens, boots, coat).
      Winter Clothing Song
      (Sing to the tune of “Are You Sleeping, Brother John?”)
      It is winter. It is winter.
      Wear your ______. Wear your ______.
      Wearing winter clothing
      When the weather’s colder
      Keeps you warm, keeps you warm!
  2. Reread the word on each word card, asking volunteers to tell you which part of the body the clothing is worn on. Call on the children who raise their hands, and reinforce correct answers.
  3. Finally, read each word card a third time. As you read each word, pause and prompt students to point (silently) to the part of their bodies that corresponds to that article of clothing.

Guided/Independent Practice

Guided/Independent Practice

  1. Give each student some crayons, along with a copy of the Winter Bear Warm-Up template and the winter clothing cut-aparts page. Have children color the clothing and the bear.
  2. Provide students with scissors, and have them cut out the pictures of clothing they would like to “dress” their bears in! (For younger children, you may want to cut out the clothing pieces ahead of time.)
  3. Have students glue articles of winter clothing onto the appropriate body parts of the Winter Bear template!
  4. Read aloud the sentence printed beneath the bear: “In winter, I like to wear _______.” Encourage students to trace the words in the sentence with a pencil and fill in the blank with the name of their favorite article of winter clothing! (With younger children, you may want to write the word in the blank as they tell it to you.)
  5. Ask students to track the words with their fingers as you read their sentences to them.
  6. Depending on the levels of your students, have them track and reread their sentences to you.
  7. After students have completed the Winter Bear template, assemble the pages and staple them together to make a class book. Or simply display them on a bulletin board under the title “What Do We Wear in Winter?”

the preschool–kindergarten lesson plan. (Includes all printable materials.)




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