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Lesson Plans
Waste or Save? Water Lesson
Objectives Objectives
  • Students will identify ways that water is wasted and conserved.
  • Students will sort pictures and classify them into two categories.
Materials Materials Needed Before You Begin
  1. Copy a set of eight Waste or Save? sorting game cards and a set of two sorting mats for each pair of students in your classroom.
  2. Cut apart the sorting game cards and mats.
Introduction Introduction

Read aloud Water by Frank Asch. Help students understand that water is a precious resource that needs to be protected and conserved.



  1. Teach students this water song to the tune of “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” and have them sing it aloud together.

    • There’s water all around us
    • In oceans, lakes and streams.
    • We want it to be healthy,
    • So let’s help keep it clean!
    • Water all around us—
    • It helps us grow and live.
    • If we all try not to waste it
    • We’ll have some left to give!

  2. Explain that the song is about keeping our water sources healthy by keeping them clean. Ask students, “What are some ways that water in our oceans, lakes and streams gets dirty?” (e.g., pollution, people throwing trash in it, etc.) Then ask, “What can we do to help keep it clean?” (e.g., throwing trash away, not pouring things into the water, etc.)
  3. Point out that the song is also about trying not to waste water. Ask, “What are some ways that people waste water?” (e.g., leaving the water hose on too long, leaving the tap on while brushing teeth, etc.) Then ask, “What are some ways that you can help save water?” (e.g., turning off water while brushing teeth, telling a parent about a leaky faucet, etc.)

Guided Practice

Guided Practice

  1. Once students have a general understanding of how water is wasted and conserved, pair students with a partner and have them play a Waste or Save? sorting game.
  2. Give each pair a set of sorting game cards and a set of sorting mats.
  3. Challenge partners to divide the cards according to whether the pictures show water being saved or wasted. Invite them to color the pictures with markers or crayons.
  4. Have students glue the cards onto the appropriate “Waste” or “Save” mat. (There should be four cards glued to each mat.)
  5. Display the pictures on an Earth Day bulletin board and invite the class to discuss the differences in the pictures.
Learning Extension Learning Extension
  1. Make copies of the Water Song reproducible and give each student a copy.
  2. Ask students to sing the song at home with their parents. Then have them draw a picture on the reproducible that shows how they can save water at home.

the preschool–kindergarten lesson plan. (Includes all printable materials.)




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