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Lesson Plans
Umbrella Color Patterns


Students will identify and create three-color patterns.


Materials Needed

Photocopy the umbrella poster reproducible onto the 9" x 12" construction paper or photocopy them on white paper and color each umbrella. You will need four posters in each color, for a total of 12 posters.



Gather your students and read the book aloud.

Procedure Procedure

  1. Display the 12 umbrella posters and ask students to identify the colors.
  2. Invite 12 volunteers to come to the front of the room. Have each volunteer hold a poster.
  3. Ask the class, “How can we arrange these students so that two umbrellas of each color are grouped together?” Invite a volunteer to help you arrange six students in this order: blue, blue, yellow, yellow, green, green.
  4. Show students how to make the pattern repeat by arranging the other six students in the same order. Then say the pattern aloud as you point to each student: “Blue, blue, yellow, yellow, green, green, blue, blue, yellow, yellow, green, green.” Tell students that this is called a color pattern.
  5. Encourage the students to arrange themselves in other three-color patterns, such as:
    • Blue, yellow, green, blue, yellow, green…
    • Yellow, green, blue, yellow, green, blue…
    • Green, yellow, blue, green, yellow, blue…
    • Yellow, yellow, green, green, blue, blue, yellow, yellow, green, green, blue, blue...
    • Green, green, yellow, blue, blue, green, green, yellow, blue, blue...
    • Blue, green, green, yellow, blue, green, green, yellow...

  6. After students form each pattern, ask, “If we continued this pattern, which color would come next?”
  7. Repeat the activity with a new set of volunteers to ensure that students understand the concept.

Independent Practice Independent Practice

  1. Reproduce and cut apart the umbrella pattern strips. Give each student a strip of 10 umbrellas.
  2. Encourage students to color their umbrellas to make a three-color pattern.
  3. Display the completed pattern strips on a bulletin board titled “Pitter Patter Patterns!”

the preschool–kindergarten lesson plan. (Includes all printable materials.)




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