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Lesson Plans
 Snowman Stories
1st–2nd Grade
Objectives Objectives
  • Students will narrate events of a story based on illustrations.
  • Students will write an imaginative story about a friendship with a snowman.
Materials Materials Needed
Introduction Introduction

Ask students if they have ever made a snowman. (For students in warmer climates, ask if they have seen pictures of snowmen or if they have seen a snowman on vacation.) Have volunteers describe the snowmen they have made or seen. Ask questions to encourage creative and imaginative thinking, such as, “Would you be surprised if you made a snowman that came to life and wanted to play with you? What would you do with the snowman? What would you want to show the snowman? What might the snowman be curious about?”



  1. Gather your students and tell them that you are going to “read” The Snowman by Raymond Briggs. Explain that it is a picture book without words, so they need to pay close attention to the pictures to determine what is happening.
  2. Show students one page at a time, pausing for 10 to 12 seconds on each page to let students silently reflect on the events as they unfold.
  3. After you reach the end of the book, tell students that you are going to “read” the story again, but this time you would like them to help you describe aloud what is happening.
  4. Go through the pages of the story again, asking volunteers to share a sentence or two to narrate what is happening in each picture. Ask questions about how the characters might be feeling or what they might be thinking. Invite different opinions to show that the story can be interpreted in different ways.

Independent Practice

Independent Practice

  1. Provide each student with a copy of the Snowman Writing Frame.
  2. Prompt students to recall the various activities that the boy and the snowman did together. Then ask students to think about their own daily activities and the activities they might do if they had a snowman for a friend. Record their ideas on the board or chart paper.
  3. Invite students to fill in the writing frame by writing their own short story.
  4. Have students cut out the snowman and mount it on blue construction paper. Display students’ work on a bulletin board titled “Our Snowman Stories.”

the 1st–2nd Grade lesson plan. (Includes all printable materials.)




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