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Lesson Plans
Counting Leaves Match-Ups
Objectives Objectives
  • Students will count from 1 to 10 using one-to-one correspondence.
  • Students will recognize numerals 1 to 10 and their corresponding amounts.
Materials Materials Needed
Introduction Introduction

Read We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt. As you read, ask volunteers to point out the different colors and shapes of the leaves.



  1. Tell students that you are going to take them on a leaf hunt. Give each student a paper bag and encourage students to collect fallen leaves in a variety of shapes and colors.
  2. When you return from your walk, divide the class into three or four small groups. (You may want to have an adult volunteer available to assist each group.)
  3. Give each group 10 sheets of construction paper, with each page labeled from 1 to 10.
  4. Invite students to work with their groups to count out the corresponding number of leaves for each page. Then have students attach the leaves to the pages with tape. Encourage students to use smaller leaves for the pages with higher numbers.
  5. Have students arrange their pages in order from 1 to 10. Help them punch two or three holes down the left-hand side and tie the pages together with yarn or string to make a fall counting book!

Independent Practice

Independent Practice

  1. Divide students into pairs. Give a copy of the Counting Leaves Match-Up Game to each pair.
  2. Have students cut apart the cards and separate the number cards from the picture cards. Instruct students to spread out each set of cards facedown.
  3. Prompt students to take turns flipping over one card from each set. If the number of leaves on the picture card matches the number card, the student can keep the pair. If not, the student turns the cards facedown and the other player takes a turn.
  4. The player with the most pairs at the end of the game wins!

the preschool–kindergarten lesson plan. (Includes all printable materials.)




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