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Lesson Plans
Bear-y Fun Button Sorting


Students will sort buttons by color, shape and size.


Materials Needed
Preparation: Print the bear sorting mat. Decide how you would like students to practice sorting: by color, shape or size. Label the three columns accordingly. For example, if you'd like students to sort by shape, you can label the columns ”square,” ”triangle” and ”circle.” Make a copy of the mat for each student or pair of students in your class.

Introduction Introduction

Read aloud Corduroy by Don Freeman. Discuss Corduroy’s search for his lost button.

Procedure Procedure

  1. Divide your class into small groups and give each group a handful of buttons.
  2. Encourage students to search through the buttons to find a matching pair. How do students know the two buttons match? How are the other buttons different?
  3. Have students work independently or with partners. Pass out copies of the bear sorting mat and ask students to sort buttons onto the mat by color, shape or size.
  4. Once students have finished sorting, prompt them to glue their buttons onto the mat. Allow the glue to dry.
  5. Display one student’s mat and discuss it with the class. How many buttons are in each column? Which column has the most buttons? Which has the least?
  6. Mount students’ mats on 9" x 12" construction paper. Display them on a bulletin board titled “Bear-y Good Button Sorting!”

Independent Practice Independent Practice

  1. Print out the Sorting by Season reproducibles. Glue the instructions onto the front of a file folder.
  2. Trim the season pages along the dashed lines. Color the scenes and glue them onto the inside of the folder.
  3. Cut apart the game tiles. Color the tiles and place them in a resealable plastic bag. Tape or paper-clip the bag to the back of the folder. (You can print an additional sheet of the game tiles to use as an answer key.)
  4. Place the assembled folder game in a center for students to enjoy!

the preschool–kindergarten lesson plan. (Includes all printable materials.)




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