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Lesson Plans
100th Day Activity
Objectives Objectives
  • Students will be able to estimate quantities to 100.
  • Students will be able to count to 100 with one-to-one correspondence.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate that ten groups of ten equal 100.
Materials Materials Needed
  • Transparent jar of 100 jelly beans (or other small treats such as marshmallows, chocolate-coated candies, or sour candies)
  • Hundreds Chart Reproducible
  • Crayons (ten colors for each student)
  • String
  • Colored O’s cereal
Introduction Introduction

Show students a jar of 100 jelly beans. Ask them to guess how many jelly beans are in the jar. You may want to prompt them to think about how reasonable their guesses are by asking: Are there more than two jelly beans? Are there more than 10 jelly beans? Estimate how many jelly beans you think there might be. Have volunteers call out their guesses. Record their guesses on chart paper.



  1. Ask students to help you place jelly beans into piles, with ten jelly beans in each pile.
  2. Once the jelly beans are in piles, show students that, instead of counting one at a time, they can count by tens to count this large amount of jelly beans. Point to each pile of jelly beans as you count by tens aloud with the students. When you reach 100, have children jump up as they say it. Repeat the counting several more times.
  3. Next, give each student a copy of a Hundreds Chart and 100 colored O’s cereal pieces. Have them place a cereal piece onto each square of their Hundreds Chart.
  4. Once they have covered their Hundreds Chart with cereal pieces, ask “How many rows of cereal are on the page?” Invite them to count with you as you point to each row down the lefthand side of the page.
  5. Ask, “How many cereal pieces are in each row?” Invite children to count along with you as you demonstrate that each of the ten rows contains ten pieces of cereal. Reinforce the concept of 100 orally by repeating, “Each of the ten rows contains ten pieces of cereal! Ten rows of ten equal 100! There are 100 pieces of cereal!”

Guided/Independent Practice

Guided/Independent Practice

  1. Now that students have a visual example of the quantity 100, have them make a colored O’s cereal necklace by stringing a row of cereal pieces one at a time.
  2. Give each student a long length of string or curling ribbon and encourage them to string 100 O’s—in groups of ten—to create an edible necklace!
  3. As students string their necklaces, you can easily check for understanding by having them count aloud for you as you watch them work!
  4. Help students tie the completed necklaces around their necks to wear for the rest of the day!

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