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Take a look at this month’s engaging classroom activities in our Teacher’s Corner! And, be sure to check back next month for more great activities!

Family Graph

This fun family tie-in helps students take what they know—and graph it! Conduct a quick student survey on any of the following topics, tally the responses, and then make a class graph to show the results:

  • Siblings – Encourage students to share how many brothers or sisters they have. Label the columns of your graph with the following: “Only child”, “1 sibling”, “2 siblings”, “3 siblings” and “4 or more siblings”, and then tally and graph the results.
  • Pets – Invite students to share what kind of pets they have at home. Label the columns of your graph with the following: “No pets”, “Dog”, “Cat”, “Bird” and “Other”, and then tally and graph the results.
  • At-Home Head Count – Ask students to share how many people live in their home. Label the columns of your graph with the following: “2–3 people”, “4–5 people”, “6-7 people” and “More than 7 people”, and then tally and graph the results.

Family Member Interview

Students will enjoy working together with a loved one to complete this “get-to-know-you” activity! Simply provide students with a copy of the Family Member Interview printable and encourage them to take it home. Have students interview a family member to fill in the blanks. Then, set aside time for oral presentations so students can share fascinating facts or interesting stories that they learned about their family members! For older students, you may want to assign a written report so that they can share what they learned in writing!

Time Line of My Life

Introduce students to the concept of time lines, and explain that time lines show important events in chronological order. Then, invite students to help you make a list of a handful of milestone events that may have already occurred in their own lives (e.g., the day they were born, the day they learned to walk, the day they learned how to ride a bike, the first day of preschool or kindergarten, the day they lost their first tooth, and so on). Next, provide students with long strips of construction paper and encourage them to make time lines of their own lives, listing 6-10 important events from their birth up to the present date, in chronological order. (Note: For younger children, you may want to assign this as a take-home project that they can complete with the help of family members.)

Recipe Book

This collaborative activity gets the whole family involved! Simply ask your students to bring in a favorite recipe from home (preferably typed on a plain standard sheet of printer paper). Encourage families to share delicious recipes unique to their heritage or ethnic backgrounds. Then, have students use crayons to add decorative borders to the recipe pages. Collect the recipes and make colored copies for each student in your class. Distribute the copies and have students assemble the pages and staple them together to create recipe books that each child can take home to share with his family!

Donuts with Dad/Muffins with Mom

Start a new parent-inclusive reading tradition in your classroom! Two or three times a year, invite parents to join their children during class time for a half hour of shared reading! Provide juice and a selection of breakfast treats, such as donuts and muffins, and encourage parents to bring their own reading material (e.g., novels, nonfiction books, magazines, or newspapers). Have students make their own reading selections as well, and set up cozy corners of pillows and blankets for everyone to use as they read. During the half-hour reading period, encourage parents to sit with their children and read silently together. (Note: For younger children who are not yet capable of reading on their own, you will want to have parents choose read-alouds to share quietly with their kids rather than having each read her own book.)

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