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special needs > speech & language delays
Vocabulary & Speech Delays product guide

Speech & Language Delays

Children who do not reach the average milestone dates for verbal language expression or the development of other key language skills are said to have a speech or language delay. Speech and language delays can be very short-lived, or they can be more persistent, such as delays associated with hearing loss, tongue or palate impairments and other conditions.

Below you will find suggested materials that can help support children with speech and language delays and encourage the development of key skills.

Storyteller’s Box

Building Oral Language and
Communication Skills

Children can greatly benefit from opportunities that allow them to listen to correct speech and practice communicating on their own. Provide materials that model proper pronunciation, as well as materials that allow children to hear themselves talking in order to refine their own speech. Talk with children often, use sing-along materials and provide prompts that encourage children to discuss their feelings, ideas and experiences.

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Building Language Photo Library

Building Vocabulary

Provide activities that encourage children to identify a variety of words, such as flash cards, picture cards and memory games. Help children focus on the individual sounds that make up words, identifying and enunciating each phoneme. Providing materials that help children classify pictures into groups, such as “animals” and “foods,” can also accelerate vocabulary acquisition.

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First 100 Sight Word Talking Boards

Building Reading Skills

Support children’s speech and language development by boosting essential reading skills. Help children learn sight-words that are frequently encountered in texts, and read to children from a variety of materials, including storybooks with catchy, repetitive phrases. Encourage children to have fun with words by experimenting with sound substitution and rhymes, and provide audiobooks that allow children to listen and follow along with stories without distractions.

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special needs > vocabulary & speech delays
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