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special needs > dyslexia
Dyslexia product guide


Dyslexia is an information-processing condition that can affect a personís ability to read, write and spell. Children with dyslexia may have difficulty with decoding and recognizing words, which in turn will affect reading comprehension.

Below you will find suggested materials that can help support children with dyslexia and improve their reading and writing skills.

Hear Myself Sound Phone

Building Phonemic Awareness

Children with dyslexia can benefit from materials that allow them to develop phonemic awareness—which is the ability to hear, recognize and isolate the individual sounds or phonemes in words. A solid foundation in phonemic awareness will later allow children to connect the sounds of our language to letters and letter combinations—and to blend those sounds into words.

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Sound It Out Blends Puzzles

Building Decoding and
Word Recognition Skills

Using a multisensory approach to building word recognition and decoding skills can benefit children with dyslexia. Provide materials that allow children to see letters visually, hear their sounds auditorily, and feel and build with them tactilely. Children with dyslexia also benefit from using tools and strategies that encourage them to focus on one letter, one letter combination or a single line of text at a time, such as highlighter strips or pointers.

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Listen, Read & Rhyme with Dr. Seuss

Increasing Reading Comprehension

Comprehension can be improved for children with dyslexia when information is received both visually and auditorily. Provide opportunities for children to listen to and follow along with audiobooks, record and listen to themselves reading, highlight important sentences in texts and visually map out main ideas and key events from a text.

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Nonfiction Sequence & Write Tiles

Helping Organize Ideas

While children with dyslexia may have difficulty with symbolic representations, such as letters and words, they often excel at comprehending visual representations. It can be helpful to provide tools and materials that incorporate picture clues, that help children graphically organize the ideas from a book they are reading or that help them organize their own ideas before starting a writing project. Children with dyslexia may also benefit from having 3-D objects and manipulatives while working with math concepts.

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special needs > dyslexia
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