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special needs > autism spectrum disorder
autism spectrum disorder product guide

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) possess a wide variety of skills, strengths, interests and needs. Many educational programs for children on the autism spectrum focus on building independence through goal setting in the areas of speech and communication, problem solving, functional living skills and academic content areas, such as math and reading.

Below you will find suggested materials that can help support children on the autism spectrum and encourage the development of key skills.

Moods & Emotions Mirrors

Building Communication and Social Skills

It is important to provide structured opportunities for children on the autism spectrum to engage in conversations and cooperative activities with others, helping them to recognize and respond to both verbal and nonverbal cues. Providing materials that help children understand their own emotions and develop a sense of empathy for others will also build communication and social skills.

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Building Life Skills

Make sure that children have access to materials that give them a sense of control, that help them develop confidence in their own abilities and that build self-esteem. This can include tools that help children know what to expect, practice following directions one step at a time and learn how to make good choices in everyday situations.

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Real-Working Cash Register
Magnetic Sight Word Sentences Board

Building Reading and Writing Skills

Children on the autism spectrum can benefit from language materials that present information in highly visual ways. By seeing and manipulating letters and words—and associating them pictorially—children can more easily build letter and word recognition. Developing fine motor skills is also important, helping prepare children for writing.

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Building Cognitive and Math Skills

Using visual and tactile materials that children can manipulate builds cognitive strength, boosts the natural problem-solving abilities of children on the autism spectrum and increases their ability to understand how numbers and math concepts are represented. Illustrating math concepts with items that children find interesting is also highly beneficial.

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special needs > autism spectrum disorder
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