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ADHD product guide


Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a condition that can affect a child’s ability to remain focused and control their behavior, and it may cause hyperactivity in some children. Children with ADHD may have difficulty organizing tasks, paying attention to details and waiting their turn.

Below you will find suggested materials that can help support children with ADHD and encourage the development of key skills.

Magna-Tiles® - Starter Set

Building Focus and Attention

Children with ADHD are often overwhelmed by activities that take a long time to complete. To develop their ability to focus, help children break down large jobs into smaller segments and provide materials and activities they can successfully complete in a short amount of time. Activities and materials that keep children’s fingers busy and encourage them to plan and think ahead—such as art or building projects—can also be beneficial.

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Good for Me Reward Kit

Building Self-Esteem and Social Skills

It is important for children with ADHD to receive clear expectations, to get instant positive reinforcement for good behavior and to engage in activities where they can make their own decisions. Provide materials that give children opportunities to engage in cooperative play, as well as imaginative play—which allows them to express their feelings, practice oral communication and explore social situations in a safe context.

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Sight-Word Steps

Building Language and Math Skills

Children with ADHD can benefit from participating in math and language activities that use an active, hands-on approach. Activities and materials that incorporate physical activity or allow children to touch and manipulate objects provide opportunities for them to expend extra energy and assist them in staying focused.

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 All-Purpose Teacher’s Organizer

Helping Children Stay Organized

Encourage children to develop strategies for staying organized, such as using color-coded folders and bins or maintaining checklists that will keep them on track and give them a sense of accomplishment. It is also helpful to establish consistent daily routines that help children stay on schedule.

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