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list of departments
Accounting & Finance

More than just number crunchers, our Accounting & Finance departments are responsible for the preparation and analysis of financial statements, tax preparation and internal audit, accounts payable, store audit and cash application. top


From overseeing company-wide projects to negotiating new partnerships and contracts, our Administration team tackles issues large and small. Each project manager and contract negotiator knows that no detail is too little and no contract language too cryptic for Lakeshore! top


Our Art departments work magic on a daily basis—and the spectacular outcome speaks for itself: innovative product design, a top-rated website, plus eye-catching web marketing materials, brochures, catalogs and even store signage. This inspired group of graphic designers, web designers, photographers and illustrators is simply the best of the best. top


Whether it’s digital content or catalogs and brochures, our Circulation department ensures that teachers and parents receive the materials they need. In partnership with our Marketing group, Lakeshore Print Services and leading print vendors worldwide, Circulation reaches Lakeshore customers throughout the country and around the globe. top

Customer Service

We can’t say it enough: Customer satisfaction is our number-one priority. As such, our Customer Service representatives are multifaceted individuals who go out of their way to provide a peak experience for every customer. top

Customized Learning Solutions

In addition to the materials you find online, in our stores and in our catalogs, we publish and customize educational products for a variety of different audiences...from child development centers and elementary schools to special education programs. Our Solutions team works hand in hand with customers around the country to provide them with exactly the materials they need! top


If you’re looking for versatility, you’ll find it on our Editorial team. This talented group of writers, editors and proofreaders works hand in hand with departments throughout Lakeshore to turn out award-winning educational products, targeted marketing materials for web, e-mail and print campaigns, plus every word you read on this website and in our catalogs. top


It turns out that schools around the world are just as hungry for high-quality educational materials as schools in the United States—and our hardworking Export team makes it possible for classrooms overseas to get the materials they need when they need them! top

Human Resources

These people put the “human” in human resources. In addition to recruiting and hiring the best employees to meet our needs, the HR department provides a number of services throughout the company, including benefits administration, employee relations, and development of the policies and procedures that make Lakeshore run smoothly. Essentially, HR’s goal is to make life easier for everybody who works here. top

Information Systems

What’s your pleasure: hardware or software? Our I.S. department does it all. Here, the hardware people are part of I.S. Operations, and the software people are with our I.S. Development and I.S. Support teams. Hardware includes servers and workstations (Linux, Windows and HP-UX), networking, e-mail (MS Exchange), databases (MS SQL, MySql & Oracle) and application servers (WebLogic & IIS). Software applications include a combination of packaged systems, hosted systems and custom systems programmed using .NET and Java. top

Inventory Management

Lakeshore has the best in-stock rate in the industry—and our Inventory Management crew is a big reason why! They know our distribution center inside and out…from what’s coming in and what’s on the shelves to what’s shipping that day for delivery. top

Kids & Company Preschool

The teachers and support staff of Kids & Company preschool provide Lakeshore’s employees with real peace of mind. Not only do they promote learning, they do it in a nurturing environment that supports each child’s growth, well-being and emotional development. top

Lakeshore Print Services

As an international provider of educational materials, Lakeshore’s printing needs are considerable, to say the least. But our print services group—supported by a state-of-the-art printing press—gives us the flexibility to provide our customers with everything they need in a timeframe they require. Whether it’s customized products or support materials for our Marketing, Sales and Retail teams, Lakeshore Print Services gets it done. top


Telling the world about Lakeshore is a full-time job. And this creative team works tirelessly to reach the customers we serve—through innovative web, mobile and e-mail campaigns, social media efforts, print-based and televised promotions, plus retail events at our stores nationwide. Utilizing the latest tools and strategies, our Marketing group is taking the Lakeshore brand into schools and homes around the world. top


Our Merchandising team explores the international marketplace for top-quality materials to supplement Lakeshore’s exclusive line of educational products. Through detailed analysis of customer search and purchasing trends, the Merchandising team enhances the selection of products found on our website, in our retail stores and in our catalogs—so that Lakeshore customers are able to get what they need when they need it. top


In short, these are the people who run the show. They’re our chief problem solvers, employee trainers, building maintainers and providers of company fun. Whatever you want to call our Operations team, they’re the ones who ensure the smooth operation of Lakeshore’s processes and procedures—from the inside out. top

Order Department

Every order we receive—online, by phone or by fax—is processed by this amazing team. The Order Department not only feeds Warehouse & Distribution all its work, but it’s also the true voice of Lakeshore, providing customers with a great shopping experience…and detailed product knowledge! top

Print & Packaging

With help from our domestic and international vendors, we deliver thousands upon thousands of print materials to our customers every year. Making this feat possible is our devoted group in Print & Packaging. Virtually attached to their phones 24/7, they work magic for us on a daily basis! top


Keeping our products in stock is no easy task, but our Purchasing Department tackles it successfully every day—taking care of all the ordering and management of Lakeshore’s inventory. top

Quality Assurance

Safety, durability and function—these are words that Quality Assurance lives by. As anyone in the department will tell you, our expectations regarding the materials we offer are exceptionally high. Working together with our product developers, materials vendors and independent laboratories, this group helps to set the tone for the entire company. top

Research & Development

With classroom experience ranging from preschool to elementary grades, our product developers are all former educators—making them highly qualified to determine the needs of today’s teachers. Product developers are responsible for generating ideas for exclusive Lakeshore products, then developing those ideas into viable products that actually work in the classroom. In the process, they work with vendors in a variety of manufacturing modalities, from printed materials to classroom furniture—and manage the production of each product from start to finish. top


Our network of retail stores is big and getting bigger, and our Retail Department has its hands in all stages of development—including real estate, recruiting and training, marketing, promotions, visual merchandising, internal and field operations, and purchasing and product distribution. top


Our Sales Department consists of a nationwide sales force as well as inside sales partners who support the team out in the field. The very best in the business, these two groups use their considerable expertise to provide our customers with unparalleled service. top

Supply Chain

Overseeing the logistical challenges of getting our products from overseas vendors to our distribution center at company headquarters, Lakeshore’s Supply Chain specialists coordinate the entire process with sister departments, including Vendor Relations, Purchasing and Traffic. top


Some people get out of traffic when they get to work, but not our Traffic Department—and you have to appreciate them for it. They monitor all incoming and outgoing freight, servicing the Warehouse as well as Customer Service, Retail, Research & Development, and other departments at Lakeshore. top

Vendor Relations

Dealing with vendors is second nature to our Vendor Relations Department. They negotiate pricing for all of Lakeshore’s products, maintaining profit margins, sourcing new products and establishing new business relationships around the world. top

Vendor Relations – Hong Kong Office

Our Vendor Relations team in Hong Kong provides us with the same expertise as our group at the home office…but with one advantage—instant access to our vendors in China! From negotiations to quality control, this team is on the ground and ready to roll. top

Warehouse & Distribution

If you’re in Warehouse & Distribution at Lakeshore, you think big—given the more than 1 million square feet of warehouse space. These dedicated individuals are responsible for all incoming and outgoing shipments, including customer and store orders and customer returns—as well as storage management, data entry, and warehouse maintenance. top


What you see on our websites is what you get from our Web Department—and what you get is an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly platform in which customers can shop, obtain free classroom resources, design their classrooms and get all their questions answered. The department includes programmers, designers and marketers who maintain our websites and develop special features and promotions for our online customers. top

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